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LART : Un sistema de defensa
LART: Sistema de defensa

LART es el acrónimo para "herramienta de reajuste de actitud en perdedores", y se utiliza generalmente para designar reportes de conductas indeseables a los proveedores de servicios web, desde correo y webhost hasta acceso a Internet.

Hay un multinombres que me escribe regularmente desde Colombia, cada correo que se recibe de el es reportado a :

1) Cuenta abuse del proveedor de correo ( , o ) con headers respectivos.

2) Proveedor de sistema de grupos o de webmail que usó. Son dos infracciones diferentes el usar el webmail y al usar la cuenta.

3) Provedor de ISP o servicio de internet, en su caso es 007mundo de colombia.

Si el proveedor no es gratuito ademas:

Reportar a la dirección de Abuse de cada salto del trace.
Reportar a cada eslabón de la cadena de webhost.
Es simplemente cuestion de ser paciente, entre 1-20 reportes con headers validos son necesarios para que se bloquee una cuenta por el proveedor de servicio, por violar los TOS ( terminos de uso del servicio que establece el proveedor )

Tomado de:

3.2.4 What is a LART? What is a mallet?

LART = Luser Attitude Readjustment Tool. It can be used as a noun (in which case it's something that hopefully causes the victim to re-evaluate their opinions by means of a short sharp shock) or a verb (in which case it means to apply a short sharp shock). Most often used as a euphemism for sending complaints to an ISP, as in "I've just LART-ed that spammer".

One example of a Luser Attitude Readjustment Tool is a mallet (a hammer with a big wooden head), which is metaphorically used on a spammer's genitals when his account is cancelled. In male spammers the result of this manner of LART-ing is sometimes described as "testicular malletosis".

Another example is a "clue-by-four"; a large wooden board (or baseball bat) with which spammers (or just those in urgent need of re-education) are metaphorically whacked.

3.2.5 What's an "ack"? What's an "auto-ack"?

"ack" is short for "acknowledgement", and usually refers to an acknowledgement that a complaint or LART has been received by an ISP.

An "auto-ack" is an acknowledgement that is generated automatically. For example, many abuse departments have configured their systems so that a standard acknowledgement is sent upon receipt of any complaint, explaining that the complaint has been received and will be dealt with when they have the time.

Auto-acks are called "auto-ignores" when it is believed that the sending of the auto-ack is the _only_ action that will be taken in response to the complaint.

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